Fashion Trends In 2000

For the past year, we’ve seen ’90s trends come back with a vengeance.

Zoom on Fashion Trends.

With a few years of hindsight,.

Retro fashions inspired by British indie pop, garage rock revivalist groups, and the 1960s mod culture Common items of clothing in the US and Europe.

Sporty Spice’s outfits are now known as athleisure; chokers have again.


These terrible fashion trends of the 2000s need to stay in the past.

Young woman wearing dress made from African patterned fabric in 2008.

It’s almost impossible to recognize what makes an outfit so “1992” or so “2006” when you’ve just wrapped up that year.

2000: The 2000s fashion trends drew a lot of inspiration from past decades, shirtdresses from 1940, bohemian skirts and crop tops from the 1970s,.

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